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EXPRESS Exterior Tunnel Carwash makes a BIG SPLASH in Southern California!!
Jack Muellerleile finds potentially high washed car volume EXPRESS Exterior Tunnel Carwash sites
Is the EXPRESS Exterior Carwash concept the answer to everybody's search for a high tech, high cash flow, low investment, low employee headcount retail business that delivers a frequently needed service on almost a completely self serve basis? Maybe so. At least all of Jack Muellerleile's carwash and gas station clients think so. While more than 50% of the nation's 22,000+ tunnel carwashes now feature this design, the concept is just starting to be noticed in the Los Angeles Basin. It has created a lot of excitement in Southern California and not a little anxiety for some like the coin-op crew who stand to get clobbered if one of these appears nearby and drains their customer base, which may occur in the not too distant future. Even the high end, full service carwash is losing customers (or some of their wash purchases) to this newest concept because it just can't compete with the "$ 5.00 ~ 5 Minute ~ Free Vacuum" price point that they worry may create a loud sucking sound as it pulls customers off the street...most of whom are coming from the industry's largest untapped market segment...persons who wash their cars on the driveway at home or have no driveway since they reside in apartment buildings or mobile home parks. With well over 60% of the patrons women (many of whom have children in the vehicle), all of the traditional retail factors the "PLeasant and Enjoyable Experience" factor becomes just as important as 'visibility' and 'accessibility' especially during those super busy peak volume hours. See the pictures below for a look at one of these well located, well designed, well run, high cash flow operations...and check out the CASH FLOW it is producing. 

Research collected on the AMAZING Southern California rush to the EXPRESS Exterior Carwash concept includes the following:

141% Cash on Cash Return on Investment (ROC)
   ~ First 30 mos. Washed Car Volume & est. Cash Flow at above unit - rev.03.18.11
 ~ Capital Requirements & How Funded
   ~ Why do they appeal to customers?
How are they financed?      Coast Commercial Credit Program Overview
   ~ Sample Site Plans? For large and small properties click on the numbers below:

#1 #2   #3  #4 #5   #6  #7  #8  #9  #10
 #11  #12  #13  #14  #15  #16  #17  #18  #20

Demographics & Site Selection
   ~ Proforma Data Requirements
   ~ How to develop one of these
   ~ See pictures of one of these "cash cows"

A well located, correctly designed and properly managed EXPRESS Exterior Carwash is believed to be capable of reaching its "seasoned" volume within the first year of operation. That "seasoned" volume in the Los Angeles Basin can be 30,000 cars monthly at $6.50 minimum per car. As such, over $2,000,000 in sales can be expected...about 40% of which funds the operating expenses while the other 60% covers the land occupancy costs, debt service (if any) and the owner's bottom line. Cash-on-cash returns may be expected to run 50% to 300% or even higher. That may replace the owner's cash seed money in 2 years or less once the "seasoned" washed cars volume is reached. 

The location pictured above is performing at this level. The "El Segundo 5-minute Express Carwash" is located at 125 N. Sepulveda Blvd., El Segundo, CA 90245 just north of El Segundo Blvd. It
 sits on a 51,400 SF triangular lot having 338’ of frontage on Sepulveda Blvd, 277’ of depth along its northern property line and 439’ along the diagonal lot line comprising its southwesterly border. The traffic count per CALTRANS is 60,000 ADT a/o the year 2005.  It was featured as the cover story of Auto Laundry News in August 2006. To read much more about this concept, go to , enter "August 2006" in the archives "search by date" address bar, then scroll down to the feature article entitled "Express Exterior Challenges CA's Hand-Wash Mindset" and click on that link to this article. Or, just click here on Ease of Operation for excerpts from this article (and a link to the entire thing). To learn more about the firm that developed it, click here on About NS Wash Systems .

Jack Muellerleile is a consultant and real estate broker with 40+ years experience in the retail petroleum and carwash industries. Along with casework handled for various petroleum & non-petroleum consulting clients, he currently spends most of his time finding, pre-qualifying and helping his clients acquire sites for the EXPRESS Exterior Tunnel Carwash model since SUPERSTATIONS are more expensive and do not offer such high cash-on-cash returns. At this writing, over 30 such clients with carwash experience and strong financials have signed Buyer Agreements guaranteeing him a generous brokerage fee for each of the prized but difficult to locate sites they acquire. Other clients who are new to this industry (or have the CW experience but see special advantages in having the consulting client relationship) are served by Jack as a well paid consultant. 

Jack usually has a number such sites in play at any one time. Examples are listed at Jack's Published & Available High Volume ECW Sites a/o 10.26.12 and the 10.26.12 One Page Summary with the annual washed car volume potential of each of them . To see all the details and be able to personally inspect them, Carwash experienced folks with strong financials need to download, print, fill out, sign and date his 1 page EXPRESS Exterior Tunnel Carwash Sites Confidentiality & 6% Buyer's Agreement , then email or fax it to him. Upon its receipt, Jack will contact you.  

New to the industry folks (or CW experienced ones who prefer the consulting client relationship) need to download, print, fill out, sign & date his
Consulting Services Contract . This is needed to get Jack signed up as a paid consultant to help them quickly climb the 'learning curve', get properly connected with the folks that count and confirm or deny their interest in developing one of these facilities. Then, if it's a green light,  find their own sites or pick one from among those Jack has already pre-qualified and proceed to develop one of these cash cows for themselves. 

Jack may be reached at:

Tel:     714.220.1806
Fax:    714.826.1143
Cell:    714.865.6494

How good are the new-to-industry ECW sites Jack finds??

See the chart below for a sampling of the kind of new-to-industry ECW sites Jack is finding for his clients. While the national credit crisis exists and the economy is still in recession...extremely attractive, high volume ECW sites are within the grasp of every client, not just the big national credit tenants like Walgreens, CVS, National Banks and Nationally Branded Quick Service Restaurants. Now is the very best time to grab one or more of these sites since they won't remain available after the economy recovers; and the EXPRESS Exterior Tunnel Carwash concept thrives during recessionary times.

Site # 

Size in
Sq. Ft.


Land Lease 
or Purchase 


Net Cash Flow 

Link to Full
 123  40,000  79,000  Lease    $391,500  $1,173,000  300% See Exhibit # 1
 131  40,000  79,000  Lease    $448,500  $1,304,000  290% See Exhibit # 2
 131  76,000  76,000  Lease    $448,500  $1,304,000  272% See Exhibit # 3
 131  76,000  79,000  Purchase $1,948,500  $1,048,000    53% See Exhibit # 4
 135  56,000  50,000  Lease    $448,500     $747,000  166% See Exhibit # 5
 135  56,000  50,000  Purchase $1,198,000     $672,000    56% See Exhibit # 6
 137  35,000  63,000  Lease    $448,500     $763,000  170% See Exhibit # 7
 137  35,000  63,000  Purchase    $972,000     $971,000  100% See Exhibit # 8
 138 Retrofit
14,000 SF bldg.on
55,800 SF lot
 53,000  Lease    $269,000     $763,000  248% See Exhibit # 9
 140  44,000  79,000  Lease    $478,500  $1,777,000  246% See Exhibit # 10
 140  44,000  79,000  Purchase $1,318,500  $1,196,000    90% See Exhibit # 11
3 Sites PRD Strategy 
(123 + 131 + 140)
12 miles
of the heavy traffic blvd. 
w/ 3 new units
See above
3 Sites
#123 - 40K
#131 - 40K
#140 - 44K
Lease all 3 sites
$1,318,500  $3,654,529  277% See above ROC Analysis Exhibits
# 1 + # 2 + # 10
which, when combined, add
up to these numbers.

Many web site visitors call Jack asking about this. To explain the various situations he put together an exhibit answering the question and providing examples of compensation as a consultant, as a real estate broker in California, for fee acquisitions and for lease transactions. To look this over, go to HOW IS JACK PAID?

"ECW Site of the Month"

To qualify for "ECW Site of the Month" recognition, the property must meet or exceed these criteria:

1.       Zero EXPRESS Exterior Tunnel Carwash (ECW) competition within a 3-mile radius trade area

2.       High washed car volume potential (traffic count of 40,000 ADT or higher)

3.       Low to moderate initial cash insertion required

4.       High net cash flow potential

This "ECW Site of the Month" location features the following:
  • Located in the suburban part of Los Angeles County with good demographics
  • 20,850 SF signalized corner parcel w/ legal "U" turn for off side traffic to access the premises, plus a 20' alley alongside to permit greater ingress & egress away from the heavy traffic stopped at or departing the intersection
  • 87,000 ADT Traffic Count
  • $120,000 NNN ground lease rent
  • $18,000 rent income from mo-to-mo tenant while you get your C.U.P. & building permits approved
  • $232,000 initial cash insertion if qualify for just 15% down with a $1,314,000 6% 20 year loan to build your improvements (NOTE: Commercial banks are again doing loans of this type)
  • Excellent spot for the Twin 70' Tunnel ECW design solution which was created for just this type of site and is capable of washing up to 1500 cars per day
  • 877 - 1096 - 1316 daily washed car volume potential with 1.0% - 1.25% - 1.5% capture rates
  • $1,881,000 - $2,350,000 - $2,822,000 Gross Revenues potential with a $6.60 average ticket and 1.0% - 1.25% - 1.5% capture rates
  • $968,000 - $1,273,000 - $1,580,000 Net Cash Flow potential with  1.0% - 1.25% - 1.5% capture rates and a 35% expense load (when using Twin 70' Tunnels)
  • ZERO Express Exterior Tunnel Carwash competition seen in trade area up to 3 miles in all 4 directions
Disclaimer: All of the above are for budgeting purposes only. Echo Sources Inc, Vincent James Ltd  & J. R. / Jack Muellerleile make no representations or warranties regarding actual or potential car volume, sales volume, revenue, profits, or project costs that may be expected or earned from the operation of a carwash.  Many factors impact upon the development, operation, and profitability of a car wash operation which cannot be predicted or built into financial projections of future results.

To learn the exact address of this or any other pre-qualified ECW site procured by Jack you must first become his client. Jack may be contacted at:
Jack Muellerleile
V. 714.220.1806
C. 714.865.6494


See what savvy carwash industry professionals have to say about this concept. It was explained in the Sept. 2006 edition of Modern Car Care addressing the question "Phenomenon or Fad?" and it was the cover story for the March 2007 edition of Professional Car Care Magazine. Just click here on The EXPRESS Exterior Phenomenon .

"Car Wash" defined:
A Google_Answers.com_Wikipedia search result for
"car wash" offers good general descriptions with lots and lots of linked details...but does not provide the above type of coverage for this EXPRESS Exterior Carwash concept.

EXPRESS Exterior Carwash project INVESTMENT CAPITAL: Some developers gather the needed capital by offering "investors" the opportunity to share in the ownership of the new project. After locating and securing control of the site, they prepare descriptive exhibits and "market the opportunity" to likely investor candidates. An example of this may be viewed here by clicking now on Ride The Wave .

08.16.07 Professional Car Care eNews - Boomerang Car Wash opens 6th EXPRESS Tunnel Carwash in Oklahoma City, its 21st overall. For story, go to . For a look at all Boomerang's locations, go to .

WASH TRENDS Magazine, Winter 2008 edition - Herein may be found excellent historical accountings of the commercial car wash industry which eventually settled upon the EXPRESS Exterior Tunnel Carwash as the most popular among all conveyor-type models. In fact, a couple of states in the U. S. are said to have already been overbuilt with these cash cows...but Southern California (with its much higher traffic counts) is just now beginning to see some of these high volume money makers start to pop up. For a quick education on this industry, click on the links below.
   > The EXPRESS Exterior Concept...Is It For You?
   > EXPRESS Exterior Wash Tunnels

03.28.08 Los Angeles Times - Unions join to organize carwash workers. Leaders target 18,000 workers in Southern California. To read this article, click here on United Steelworkers Union (AFL-CIO) take aim at FULL SERVICE Tunnel Carwash workers . This is another reason savvy old timers are seeking sites for the almost 100% computer controlled EXPRESS Exterior Tunnel Carwash concept which requires only 2 employees per shift.

04.02.08 United Steelworkers Union web site -  See postings on the subject of unionizing Southern California carwash workers including the union's EXECUTIVE SUMMARY of the situation from its point of view. Click on Unionization of Carwash Workers?

04.04.08 Western Carwash Association (WCA) - The WCA news release intending to offer the public a Fair & Balanced picture of the working conditions in the professional carwashing industry may be looked over by clicking here on Punish the "rogue" carwashers, not the rest .

06.18.08 Los Angeles Times Business Section - UCLA still foresees no recession...but there will be little or no growth in GDP this year or next, Anderson experts say - See this article and Jack's comments at Perfect Economic Times for explosion of the EXPRESS Exterior Tunnel Carwash concept .

06.25.08 Los Angeles Times Business Section - Chapman (University) sees U.S. in recession - See article and Jack's comments at More Reasons Why EXPRESS CW concept is so popular among CW investors .

10.01.08 PC&D Online - TECH TIPS - Setting Up An EXPRESS Detailing Operation

To see the notes taken by Jack Muellerleile during a Carwash Investing Seminar conducted by industry expert Fred Grauer, click on the following links:
~ State of the Industry
~ Petro Sites with Carwash
~ Self-Serve Model
~ In-Bay Rollover Automatic
~ Conveyorized / Tunnel
~ Consumer Washing Habits
~ Adding a NTI Facility

10.14.08 Professional Carwashing & Detailing - Living wage complaint filed by L. A. Carwash workers . This article highlights another reason full service carwash developers / owners / operators are flocking to the EXPRESS Exterior Tunnel Carwash concept.

10.17.08 U.S. National Credit Crisis? Not for Carwash SBA loans. Carwash deals are BOOMING while hotel and other suffering segments are flatlined. See the testimony of a nationwide carwash & gas station SBA loan specialist by clicking here on Carwash SBA loan biz booming!

DECEMBER 2008 - PC & D - Managing an Express Chain

12.01.08 / L. A. Times -  Click here for SCAL Carwash workers unionization update

12.08.08 Unionization Efforts in L. A. Still Going Strong - EXPRESS Exterior Tunnel Carwash developers believe ECW concept not vulnerable! Click here for Details & Access to Union Web Site .

12.23.08 Los Angeles Business Journal - State Regulators Crack Down On employers .

02.16.09 Nationally recognized gas price analyst "The Gas Guy" predicts the end of the California "Mom & Pop" gas station is coming soon. Jack Muellerleile sees many of them converted to an EXPRESS Exterior Tunnel Carwash (ECW) and cash flowing far better than before. To check out this scenario, click on the links below:
  1. Say Goodbye to the California "Mom & Pop" neighborhood gas station**
  2. EXPRESS Exterior TWIN-TUNNEL carwash replaces gas station
  3. Cash-on-cash return if built on fee property
  4. Cash-on-cash return if built on leased property
**More choices - On 03.30.09, an 80 ft TUNNEL SMALL CORNER OPTION was added to the above TWIN-TUNNEL design solution. To see this design and its Cash-on-Cash Analyses, just click on the links below:
  1. EXPRESS Exterior 80 ft TUNNEL OPTION for small 150' x 150' former gas station corner lots
   2. Cash-on-cash return if 80 ft TUNNEL OPTION is used on fee property
   3. Cash-on-cash return if 80 ft TUNNEL OPTION is used on leased land

**UPDATE - 03.29.09 Pump Pain: Owners hit by pricey upgrade.

1000 California Gas Stations Face April 1, 2009 Permanent Closure the Gas Guy's 03.31.09 Open Letter to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Why? They are small independents who can not afford the $11,000 per nozzle cost of compliance with the CARB mandate requiring EVR Phase II nozzles and vapor scrubbers to capture another 3% of vapor emissions (increasing capture from 95% to 98%) by that date. Temporary solution? Extend compliance date one year to April 1, 2010.

**UPDATE - 04.12.09 No Happy Days for California Gas Station Owners ..."The Gas Guy" says that according to CARB, its mandate has caused owners of 5% of the state's 11,500 gas stations to already close down the facility; and, by the 12.31.09 absolute drop dead date, about 1,000 are expected to hang up their nozzles and lock their pumps for good. For more details, click on the "No Happy Days" link above.

03.01.09 PC& D Magazine - Fred Grauer says "
Become More Efficient"
03.01.09 PC & D Magazine - R. L. "Bud" Abraham, Detailing Editor, explains How to Find and Court an Investor...don't think too small

2009 Winter edition / RCA report - Chief Economist Robert Bach at Grubb & Ellis sees strong investment potential in Top 10 U.S. Markets despite the widespread economic downturn...and Los Angeles leads the list in 3 out of 4 categories. In RETAIL, Los Angeles is # 1, Orange County is # 6 and San Diego is # 9. See all the details at Market Strength Forecast 2009-2013 .

03.26.09  ALL CLIENTS ALERT - SBA Loans are becoming

07.01.09 PC & D Magazine - BE WATER SMART...Reclaim, recycle, manage & treat the water at your carwash. To read the full article, go to . 
Comments by Jack Muellerleile: Government water conservation regulations targeting the carwash industry and all consumers where they live, work and play may have a silver lining since they push the largest segment of the carwash industry off their driveways at home and into the commercial
carwash establishments. These new customers will likely head for the in-bay automatics (which are mostly at gas stations), the coin-ops and the EXPRESS Exterior Tunnel Carwash (ECW) units which use the aggressive "$5.00 ~ 5 Minute ~ Free Vacuum" offer to maximize the volume of washed cars. In fact, when enough ECWs are present in the marketplace to neutralize the 'convenience factor' it's expected they will be the dominant beneficiary of this new river of customers since ECWs are able to offer customers the best overall bundle of benefits vs. the In-bay Automatics & Coin-ops, including:
   1. Lowest price for the wash & vacuum;
   2. Best quality wash;
   3. Driest car;
   4. Least amount of physical exertion by the customer; and
   5. Shortest amount of time on site ("wash only' can be done in 3 minutes).
CONCLUSION: This is yet another reason for savvy carwash investors to concentrate their efforts on developing qualified sites for the EXPRESS Exterior Tunnel Carwash concept and designing the improvements to handle a lot more volume than can be predicted based only upon factors present at the time of the site acquisition.

07.30.09 Federal Way MIrror Reporter - Car wash pollution and the numbers to prove it - Article supplies more evidence that Government Regulations may soon be pushing folks off their driveways at home and into commercial car wash facilities. Go to Home Driveway Carwashing is detrimental to local waterways .

08.11.09 Wall Street Journal - ...U. S. economists say recession is over .

08.14.09 Waived SBA Loan Fees of $53,000 - $83,000 or more my expire by 12.31.09. For details go to Get Your SBA Loan Now .

10.27.09 Los Angeles Times - SBA loans are on the rebound. The number made in the region from April through September rises 50% from first half of U.S. fiscal year. To see the full article, go to Obama seeks to boost SBA loans .

11.02.09 SBA Loans Status Update by CW Specialty SBA Loan Broker Mike Ford -  Click here on Good News & Action Needed .

02.02.10 PC&D - EXPRESS Exterior Tunnel Carwash - The Need For Speed .

03.25.10 Estimated Carwash Development Timeframe Comments by Jack Muellerleile - Many visitors to this web site call Jack with lots of questions. One question which is always included is "OK, I want to develop one of these EXPRESS Exterior Tunnel Carwashes, but how long will it take once I have the site under my control?" Since the answer to this question comprehends several elements each of which can vary a bit in how long it may take, Jack put together an exhibit setting forth the estimated timeframe involved for one project in Orange County, CA For a look at it, click now on Estimated Carwash Development Timeframe .

05.05.10 SONNY'S - The Carwash Factory releases 5 new case study videos (26 case studies in all are available). See the 5 new ones here .

06.08.10 PC&D News - State governments continue urging citizens to use commercial carwash facilities and stop washing their cars on the driveway at home. For details, go to City hosts meetings on dangers of at-home washing .

06.08.10 - MARKET UPDATE by Jack Muellerleile

Types of Investors are now interested in Petro & Carwash Industry deals

Many investors who were heavily involved in residential real estate are now contacting Jack Muellerleile asking about the cash on cash returns one may expect in the RETAIL PETROLEUM and CARWASH industries. They are considering the following strategies:

   1. Buy a modern, well managed gas station (with land) comprised of fuel sales and a C-Store on a 1/2 acre lot and run it as is. Assuming full market price is paid, the Cash on Cash return will likely be at least that described on this exhibit (some ROCs run as high as 40%):
9.9% ROC @ 2 Profit Center Modern Gas Station .

   2. Buy an existing gas station capable of improving its performance by upgrading / adding profit centers, then hold it for its seasoned income stream or sell it for a profit. See Cash on Cash Return some are realizing with this strategy by clicking on:
51.4% ROC @ Value Added Existing Gas Station .

   3. Buy land, build a high volume, multiple profit center gas station, ramp up the volume to a seasoned level then sell it for a profitable price. See example of this by clicking on:
43.9% ROC @ NTI High Volume 3 Profit Center Gas Station .

   4. Buy land, build a Self-Serve Carwash & operate it as an income stream. See the numbers on this strategy at:
35.6% ROC @ NTI Self-Serve Carwash .

   5. Buy land, build an In-Bay / Rollover Automatic Carwash & operate it as an income stream. This strategy is available for review at:
37.4% ROC @ NTI In-Bay / Rollover Automatic Carwash .

   6. Buy land, build an In-Bay Rollover 5 + 1 Self-Serve Carwash and operate it as an income stream. The numbers for this strategy may be viewed at:
98.9% ROC @ NTI In-Bay Rollover / Self-Serve 5 + 1 Carwash .

   7. Buy or lease land, build a FULL SERVICE Conveyorized Tunnel Carwash, ramp-up the volume then sell it for a profit. The facts & figures for this strategy may be reviewed at:
30.5% ROC NTI FULL SERVICE Conveyorized Tunnel Carwash .

   8. Buy land, build an EXPRESS Exterior Conveyorized Tunnel Carwash, ramp-up the volume & retain it as an income stream. The Cash on Cash Return for this strategy has industry veterans hungry for correctly positioned land parcels meeting the site criteria for this most popular concept that now outnumbers the Full Service Tunnel Carwash nationwide. To see the expected returns for this strategy, click here on:
141.0% ROC @ NTI EXPRESS Exterior Conveyorized Tunnel Carwash .

   9. The NEW WAVE in Carwash Configurations! For a look at the strategy involving DUAL 60' tunnels on a small 20,000 SF corner lot, click here on:
35.0% ROC @ NTI DUAL 60' Tunnels .

   10. If you want the links to all of the above published ROC Gas Station and Carwash scenarios on a single page exhibit, please click here on:
Links to all 9 ROC Scenarios on a single page .

06.15.10 - From Jack Muellerleile -  TOMMY'S Twin-Tunnel & Inline Wash System Designs... a Car Care World Expo 2010 discovery of mine last month in Las Vegas!!

Clients have asked about glass buildings pre-fabricated at lower cost and installed much more quickly than conventionally constructed buildings; also Twin-Tunnel designs for small and large sites. Well, TOMMY'S offers all of that and much more.

To share in the excitement, open the following links:
  1. -
Tommy's 70 ft. Twin-Tunnels Wash System
  2. - Tommy's Dual Mini 70' PDF
  3. - 150' Tommy Tunnel
  4. - 3-D Clear Tommy Building video link (AVI)

08.09.10 - From Jack Muellerleile -  TOMMY'S Twin-Tunnel Flex Serve Wash System Designs...are now being seen by some of my clients.

Some of the TOMMY Flex-Serve Exhibits clients are working with now include the following:
  1. -
Exhibit #1
  2. - Exhibit #2
  3. - Exhibit #3
  4. - Exhibit #4
  5. - Exhibit #5
  6. - Exhibit #6
  7. - Exhibit #7
  8. - Exhibit #8
  9. - Exhibit #9
 10.- Exhibit #10
 11.- Exhibit #11
 12.- Exhibit #12
 13.- Exhibit #13
 14.- Exhibit #14
 15.- Exhibit #15
 16.- Exhibit #16

09.07.10 - Unionization of Full Service Carwash Workers in Los Angeles - This ongoing effort continues to drive owners of these high headcount carwash businesses toward the low headcount, higher cash flow, lower cost EXPRESS Exterior Tunnel Carwash model. See the New York Times 09.07.10 article linked below for an update on the unionization effort. Go to "New York Times probes push to unionize carwash workers". 

09.27.10 - Unionization - Per Herschel Kilgore, " The unionization effort is moving forward. Here is the first sample of the proposed union agreement for the L. A. area car washes. To those of you who thought this couldn't happen, think again. I believe it is going to be a monumental fight to prevent unionization from occurring. Herschel."

09.28.10 - Debt Capital - Per Specialty SBA Loan Broker Mike Ford, President Obama signed a new $42 Billion lending bill into law containing incentives for Small Business Lending.
Click here for details

10.03.10 - Debt Capital - L. A. Times on SBA Loans - The new head of the Small Business Administration for much of the Western United States speaks out. For what she has said, go to
Regional head of SBA sees firms' access to capital as crucial

10.05.10 - Debt Capital - L. A. Times on SBA Loans...again - Go to
Federal loan money heading to small businesses .

10.07.10 - At-home carwashing - PC&D News - Column makes
the case against at-home carwashing .

10.14.10 - Unionization - New York Times - It's stuff like this that encourages the unionization of carwash workers and makes the Full Service Carwash owners chief among Jack Muellerleile's clients who want high volume EXPRESS Exterior Tunnel Carwash sites for the new-to-industry ECW projects which are easily run by 1-2 employees. See
N. Y. Times 10.14.10 story "Car Wash to Pay Workers $1.7 Million in Owed Wages" .

01.31.11 - Debt Capital Availability - Coast Commercial Credit - Click here for a

03.04.11 - SBA Loan Processing Timeframe - There are lots of so-called "horror stories" out there which make it sound like securing your project's debt capital via an SBA Loan is nearly impossible. For experienced folks who are 'in the know' those stories are all a bunch of bull. Successful clients who use the SBA Loan process to fund their debt capital requirements do something those circulating the "horror stories" did not do...they hire an experienced, up-to-the-minute savvy SBA Loan Broker or Consultant who works the business full time to represent them and guide them through the process. Coast Commercial Credit, LLC is such a firm. It was asked to provide an
Estimated SBA Loan Processing Timeframe chart I could share with my newer clients and all my client candidates. And it did. So click on the above link to get yourself an education and see why the super-savvy, experienced clients would not dare try to obtain this type of debt capital funding without such a firm representing his interests...clearing away all the hidden obstacles before they screwed up the process, navigating your completed loan application through underwriting, assembling required third party reports, obtaining conditional approval, loan closing and rolling the construction loan into the permanent loan.

05.17.11 - Car Wash Lending Update - Activity is way up !! For details, click on

06.17.11 - U.S. Economy Future Watch. Experts who actually study U.S. economics plus past and present U.S. economic trends tell us another rough patch is ahead. These folks are not the typical "talking heads" or stock brokers who have private agendas. Should you keep sitting on the fence or add another new-to-industry (or FSCW Conversion) EXPRESS Exterior Tunnel Carwash right now? - Seeing some solid 'Future Watch' assumptions lead to the conclusion that "Yes, you should add another unit...and right now." For the details, go to "AFTERSHOCK" Investment Strategy .

06.27.11 - Car Wash Financing Update -
Things are really hopping! For examples of completed financings, go to

08.16.11 - Car Wash Lending Update. Good News for Car Wash Investors & Operators - Announcement on Interest rates. See details here .

10.17.11 - Car Wash Lending Update.
See...get tax breaks with debt capital

10.28.11 - UNIONIZATION of Full Service Car Wash Workers is now a reality. See details at the links below:

11.30.11 - Car Wash Lending Update. More good news...and a deadline is approaching.
See the details here .

12.20.11 - 10,000 free car washes? PC & D News - Colorado's largest tunnel to give away 10,000 washes during it's one (1) week Grand Opening starting Dec. 27th. For all the details, see the full PC&D News story and the firm's Press Release at
10,000 free washes!!!

01.10.12 - Car Wash Lending Update. Last year set a record for SBA Loan volume. See 01.10.12 Update here. 
04.24.12 - SONNYS The Car Wash Factory publishes "Car Wash Owners Share Their Success Stories" including three (3) examples of EXPRESS Exterior Tunnel CW models. Click on the above link to view a full screen video on Liberty Car Wash and details on the other two listed below.
  1. Liberty Car Wash - 15,000 Cars per month in 53-Feet
  2. 5-Bucks Car Wash - Reinventing a Foreclosed Full-Serve to Express Exterior
  3. LuLu's Express Car Wash - Increasing your average ticket by $4.00 
05.01.12 - Car Wash Lending Update. See it here .

07.13.12 - H2GO express car wash goes after small size corner sites in the Los Angeles Metro Marketplace! See their story here .

08.07.12 - Jack's Pre-qualified, potentially high washed car volume, EXPRESS Exterior Tunnel Carwash new-to-industry sites are going fast. See eleven (11) of them at this link and note the uses being placed on these properties. 

Here is 
what Jack said to his thirty-one (31) year 2011 & year 2012 YTD Client Candidates who were still sitting on the fence .
10.16.12 - Carwash Lending Update? See it here.

PHOTO EXHIBITS you may download and show to others are available below for your convenience: 

1. "MODERN Design" EXPRESS Exterior Carwash on medium-sized corner lot (30,000 SF) at signalized intersection.

2. "MODERN Design" EXPRESS Exterior Carwash on large corner lot (44,000 SF) at signalized intersection.

3. "FUTURISTIC Design" EXPRESS Exterior Carwash on small corner lot (25,000 SF) at signalized intersection.

4. "SPANISH Design" EXPRESS Exterior Carwash on large lot (51,400 SF) upstream from signalized intersection.

5. "TWIN TUNNEL Design" EXPRESS Exterior Carwash on very large lot (est. 86,000 SF) at signalized intersection.